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Complete Residential & Commercial Services

Exterior Services

The exterior of your home or business says a lot about it. And you only get one chance to make a first impression on guests and potential customers. So if your exterior could use a new coat of paint, trust the team at Malle Painting, LLC to get the job done.

Exterior Services + Add-On Options

We are a Custom Painting Company, which means we can customize our services based on your needs and budget. We work with our clients to find what service package is right for them and their project.

Painting Services

We provide Standard and Customizable Painting Service Packages that are designed to:

  • Increased Property Value/Resale 

  • Improve Appearance & Curb Appeal

  • Prolongs Siding Lifespan

  • Protects Exterior from the Elements that can cause Wood Rot, Moisture, Mold & Mildew

  • Can protect from pest that can cause damage such as insects & Termites

Wood Rot Restoration

Wood Rot Restoration is perfect for early stage Wood Rot. Wood Rot Restoration is often more cost effective than a sever rotting that wood piece will need to be replaced with carpentry services.

  • Wood Rot Restoration Uses a variation or combination of the following products: Wood Filler, Bando, Caulking, sealer, Oil-Based Primer/Stain Blocking Primer, etc.

  • Wood Rot Restoration's purpose is to solidify Spongy, soft wood caused by wood rot and preventing the rot from spreading.

Caulking Service

Caulking Service is made to benefit 

your house exterior by:

  • Preventing Water Damage

  • Increase Insulation: Seals Potential Air Leaks

  • Sealing Gaps where moisture can enter causing mold & mildew.

  • Prevents blocks breaches for insects & pests

  • Improves House Value

  • Reduces health risk from exterior environment entering home: Pollen, Wildfire Smoke, Pollution, etc.

Paint Color Consultation

Benefits of a Architectural Color Consultation:

  • Understands classic and the Tending Colors

  • Knowledgeable in warm, cool and neutral colors that can accentuate your home's features.

  • Saves time & money from having to go to the paint store and buy different colored paint swatches.

  • Help make all the color selections come together for a unified color scheme.

Carpentry Services

Whether it be a piece of wood replacement or 

extensive carpentry work, we got you covered offering:

  • Repair or Replace Services for damaged Frame work, structures or Fixtures

  • Customizable Replacement wood work to fit your existing one.

  • Make Custom Finishes & Build-ins

  • Will give Recommendations of the best wood types for certain uses.

Siding Installation & Repairs

Do you have siding that has buckled, warped, sagged, cracked or even missing? It is most likely time to think of getting New Siding Installation or repairs. 

  • Improve appearance & Curb appeal

  • Increases Property Value/Resale

  • Improves Energy Efficiency

  • Provides Structural integrity 

  • Paint your homes less

  • Protect home from Pest & insect damage

Scraping Services

Having a proper surface preparation of the exterior of your home prior to painting is important to prolong the paint lifespan and adhesiveness to the surfaces. Scraping services are done to the following areas:

  • Surfaces with Flaking Paint

  • Surfaces with Cracking Paint

  • Surfaces with Peeling Paint

  • Surfaces with Loose Paint

  • Surfaces with Bubbling Paint

Brick Sealing

Benefits of having your bricks, pavers 

and concrete sealed:

  • Enhances the brick Natural Color

  • Provides a "Wet Look" finish 

  • Resist Moss, Mold, Grime and Dirt

  • Stain Resistant/Efflorescence control (salt staining)

  • Mortar Sealant (Prevent Crumbling)

  • Resist Organic Growth

  • Protection against Moisture Penetration

Pressure Washing Service

Pressure washing has many more benefits than most people suspect, including preventing damage to your home or business and helping keep your family or employees safe and healthy. Pressure Wash Service can:

  • Improve appearance & Curb Appeal

  • Removes Corrosive buildup: Moss, dirt, grime

  • Increase Proper Value/Resale

  • Saves time & Energy: Cleaning by hand takes longer and more effort.

Masking Service

Before painting anything it’s so important to properly mask-off and protect all the areas that you don’t want painted. This saves time/work not having to touch up all the surfaces that got paint on unwanted surfaces. We use painters tape, painters paper, painters plastic, tarps and more in order to protect surfaces.

Plants, ground and near by surfaces/things that cannot be removed are masked/covered so they do not get painted on.

Gutter Installation

Having a functioning Water drainage system is extremely important for the overall health of your house. Benefits of New Gutter Installation:

  • Prevent Water Damage: Stains, Wood Swelling, Siding Water Damage

  • Wood Rot Prevention

  • Mold & Mildew Prevention

  • Soil Erosion Prevention

  • Prevent Foundation/Basement from Flooding

  • Protect Landscaping

Clean-Up Services

You can benefit from our clean environment during and after our services. We pride ourselves in keeping an organized/clean work space during our services. At the end of our services we clean up and dispose of all the waste that was produced during our services such as:
  • Masking Paper

  • Empty Paint Cans

  • Painters Plastic

  • Tarps

  • Paint chips

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